Quick Overview:

By providing the comprehensive digital catalogs, VirtuPaper helps businesses to increase their sales many-folds. The catalog can be updated as many times as needed without any additional cost. Clients can see the updated digital catalog even when they are offline and place their orders using their mobile phones. It saves money of the manufacturers by obliterating the use of paper for catalogs, promotions and sales offers. The distributers and the customers having VirtuPaper app get to keep these catalogs, which they can view later. It helps them in selecting their favorite product as per their convenience. Thus, VirtuPaper helps in saving time, effort, and cost of catalog production and updation. P.S.: All the images and content has been taken from Internet for education and demo purpose. All Copyright belongs to respective owner.

Available Packages

Package Name Price
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Key Value
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Mobile Product Catalog

Create a digital catalog of your products
Sufficient space for full product specification and description along with its image and price
Bulk upload all your product with details in a jiffy

Places Orders

Go through the catalog list and select a catalog
Add items to an order from the digital catalog
Full order history and status is always available on your mobile

Save Time and Money

Get rid of unnecessary paper handling and usage
No more printing time and costs when you want to update the catalog
Update your client with product changes immediately via SMS or email

Real-time Monitoring

Observe your clients via VirtuPaper admin dashboard
Identify and solve potential problems and issues as soon as they occur
Get orders directly from clients right away, without employing middle-men